Best Toshiba Gaming Laptops Under 300/600/800 Dollars

A few days ago, I wanted to buy my brother a gaming laptop as a birthday gift, so I looked up on the Internet for the information about the gaming laptops. Guess what happen? I found there were a lot of good-featured Toshiba gaming laptops under $300/600/ 800 on All of them are definitely a great value for the cheap price. Luckily, I finally found a suitable one for my brother.

I guess you might also want to buy a very affordable gaming laptop online. Thus, I am going to share some of my study of those good value Toshiba gaming laptops under $ 800. I’m looking forward to helping you with this comparison report.

 Best Toshiba Gaming Laptops Under 300/600/800 Dollars(2016)

To give you the most useful information about Toshiba gaming laptops under $ 800, I have made the comparison from the following aspects: brand name, screen size, processor, item model number, operating system, color, hard drive. And this chart will give you a close look on the laptops.

My Works: How to select a gaming laptop

How much you will spend ?

What about your budget? There are various price level gaming laptops online. It’s necessary for you to set a budget before buying. And you will buying a perfect gaming laptops of the proper price. Generally speaking, Toshiba gaming laptops under $ 500 is a wonderful choice. This price is very attractive. And you will get a good gaming laptop when spend less money.

What is your expectation for thegaming laptop?

  • Brand Name: Choosing your favorite brand name. Most people prefer the famous brands which are always have overwhelming advantages than not famous brands. Toshiba is one of the most famous band in the world. You won’t regret buying the gaming laptop from this brand.
  • The view: Be sure to buy a computer with generous appearance. A spacious diagonal display can give you plenty of room to play and work. Especially, game fans require a big screen. What’s more, choosing an excellent color that you like is necessary.
  • The performance: The processor, RAM, Hard Drive should be considered seriously. Since these are the keys to determine the performance of the laptop.

Top 3 Best Toshiba Gaming Laptops Under 800 Dollars Of 2016

#Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 15.6 Inch Laptop (Intel Core i5, 8GB, 1 TB, Windows 10, Black)

This laptop has spacious 15.6-inch diagonal and widescreen HD (1366 x768). The Satellite C55 laptop have a sleek style with the matte black and this laptop starts fast because of having fifth generation Intel Core i5 processor. Equipped with a massive one TB hard drive, this laptop makes it convenient for storing your stuff. The dedicated Cortana key which only featured in Toshiba can help you with the basic tasks such as sending emails and searching your devices. The TruTalk™ microphones can make you be heard clearly in a noisy environment.

Reasons to buy it

  • It comes with an SD card reader, Bluetooth, wi-fi, as well as a DVD Burner.
  • It has two USB 2.0, one Super Speed USB 3.0 and HDMI out.
  • Cortana seems like your personal digital assistant .
  • It seems to fit price with power well.
  • It doesn’t have higher end feature , but with a TB of hard drive space and 8 GB of RAM

Customer Reviews

This is an excellent laptop for the price at $ 500. It has an optical drive which is pretty much vanished on newer laptop. I much appreciate with the numerical key pad. The battery life maybe only last 6 hours and the resolution is 1366×768 which is a little low for such a big laptop. It’s got an i5 processor which quickly and well. Some reviewer complained about the removable battery but I think it would be easily to replaceable. Everything is worked perfectly well. It runs quickly.

 Any OTHER Toshiba Gaming Laptops Meeting Your Need?

#Toshiba Satellite C55-C5240 15.6 Inch Laptop (Intel Core i5, 8GB, 1 TB, Black)

Customer Reviews:So far, I love the excellent computer which should value more than the sale price of $ 609. Considering the price, I’d may buy it again. The battery held with two screw in the back of the machine. The battery life is about 5 hours, may be a little short but it is enough for me. I believe in Toshiba products for the excellence durability and quality ! I am thinking buying another one for my sister.

#Toshiba Satellite C55-B5302 15.6-Inch Laptop Under 300 Dollars

Customer Reviews:This computer is absolutely blew my mind. After installing The Sims 4 through Origin I tried the game, it does work and plays fine with no lag. The medium looks like Ultra so there is no difference. The top row function keys include audio volume, screen brightness, display switching as usual. In conclusion, I really love this laptop. To be honest, the price of this computer is very low and the price should be higher because it is really a great laptop.

My Recommendation Above the 3 best Toshiba gaming laptopsunder 500is recommended to you. All aspects of performance are very good, as well as the appropriate price. I hope it can help you get more information about Toshiba gaming laptops and make a good selection